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Welcome to Travel Medicine Publishers

Travel Medicine Publishers was founded in 1994. It publishes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom.
Various publications within the field of travel medicine, tropical medicine, infectious diseases, dermatology, liver diseases and other medical specialties has been published. Books written specifically for the physicians or non-medicals like the traveller.
Travel Medicine Manual is a manual written for physicians or other staff counselling travellers before or after travel to the tropics/subtropics. It has been published in annual editions in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries for 15 years. It is also available in country specific editions in Spain, Portugal, Germany and UK (including other English speaking countries). Local Travel Medicine experts edit each of these editions and recommendations are according to the standards of those specific countries.
In Scandinavian countries a number of books are published to the travellers like Travel & Health (Rejse & Sundhed).

Some books are sold in larger quantities only and thus not presented in the online shop. Please contact the publishers if interested.
More new editions are being added every year and if you may have any questions concerning an edition for your country please contact mail@travelmedicine.dk

The following books are currently published by the Travel Medicine Publishers:
Rejsemedicinsk Håndbog (Danish)
Reisemedisinsk Håndbok (Norwegian)
Resemedicinsk Handbok (Swedish)
Travel Medicine Handbook (UK)
Reisemedizinisches Handbuch (German)
Manual de Medicina de Viage (Spanish)
Manual de Medicina das Viagens (Portuguese)
Rejse & Sundhed (Danish)
Resa & Helsa (Swedish)
Rejse & Sundhed, lægens råd før og under rejsen (Danish)
Rejs alt hvad Lunger & Hjerte kan bære (Danish)
Res så långt som Lungor & Hjärta bär (Swedish)
Hudmanifestationer i relation til udlandsrejse (Danish)
Hudmanifestationer i relation til utlandsresa (Swedish)
Kronisk Hepatitis B & C kan behandles/helbredes (Danish)
Kronisk Hepatitt B & C kan behandles/hebredes (Norwegian)
Kronisk Hepatitis B & C kan behandles/hebredes (Finnish)
Hepatitis C, spørgsmål og lægernes svar (Danish)
Hepatitisprofylakse ved udlandsrejse (Danish)

Strandvejen 142
DK 8000 Aarhus
Telephone +4586148053
Telefax +4586148027